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Tailaoshan International Business Hotel Beijing is located along the Chang'an Street of the East Second Ring Road, about a 10-minute walk from the Jianguomen subway station. There is a large supermarket nearby and a variety of specialties. The hotel is within easy reach of the Children's Research Institute, Wangfujing, and various embassy areas. It is about 3 kilometers to visit the Tiananmen Palace Museum.
This is a business hotel featuring Fujian tea culture. It has more than a hundred rooms and offers free mid-to-late meals. It is a good choice for your trip.
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  • jma134
    Older facilities
  • e01205102
    Very convenient. Every time he comes to Beijing once lived here.
  • angel1005
    Hotel is located in an alley next to the China resources building, when I took a taxi from the train station to the hotel is not too hard to find, but a few found out, well. living in a hotel for 6 days, booked a family room, a family of three to live together, near from the Metro, overall not bad. happier, play in Beijing.
  • lyxcar
    Very bad, razor does not offer, to buy in the Department, thief of your outside selling gets, they sell 35. bathroom ceiling tiles fall off, fall off for a long time.
  • ad209
    OK, general satisfaction, my personal opinion
  • lm19860611
    Economy on business preferred
  • e00126313
    It's OK
  • bnyanglu
    Hotel OK, slightly older facilities, location away from Beijing railway station, conveniently.
  • ilove
    Nice easy traveling required of the
  • Bona_cn
    A good environment, near the price is really too little! very satisfied
  • anni0525
    Environment is also nice!
  • yang906
  • climb_pan
    Hard imagine, this is a between tone of star hotel! first, lobby to people of feel is dark wet of feel, front desk service personnel lack services due of enthusiasm. room in Pu with carpet, is? know this carpet is den of place, children in carpet Shang stepped on after, white of feet became black; toilet cover Shang that Zhang wrote with has disinfection of paper days are left in cover Board and water barrels between; we of room are on elevator, heard live guest through sound; corridor outside of talk sound, horseRoad of car sound, next door room of loudly talk also often ear. scored live day up requirements room, has been drag to we left are didn't for. room compared narrow, bed and Dresser between only a Zhang stool of width; door somewhat deformation, out of elevator face door, can see light; toilet of seat Board small, and loose. hotel location somewhat partial, go to Metro mouth to more than 10 minutes, but for like took take Metro of we is can accept of.
  • swan1010
    Hotel was quiet, service very good, next time will be in town. give 5 stars
  • galison
    That's good
  • baggio007
    You can also
  • Adifa
    It's OK ... but membership is a bit expensive, and weekend prices are slightly more expensive. Nice. next time you can also consider
  • cy463
    As a hotel opened in 2007, still not bad. wireless Internet access has improved. the subway is easy.
  • mier5932
  • jerry001019
    Hotel General for, is a old of hotel, facilities are somewhat old has. addition top and side of wall body. painted somewhat off. bathroom. towel looks somewhat old. these place feel not is good. but, also has advantages. like. waiter attitude also is can of. around traffic compared convenient. away from Metro mouth on more than 700 more meters go go on to has. around night eat supper of place also many. away from Tiananmen also is near night to Tiananmen see has night. too beauty has, too strongView. on the whole, this old hotel is in the city centre, this has proved to be.
  • milesmao
  • miumidior
    Not bad, nice! Jinbao Street is near!
  • e03417173
    Which is very nice
  • bb20081021
    No cash back
  • e00229996
    Is near from the subway Jianguomen, line Line 1 Line 2 line Jianguomen exit turn left go straight for five minutes, you can see the public prosecutor's Office, go left to see China resources building! free is easy!
  • ccw0win
    Environment General
  • almardjm
    East second ring the most cost-effective hotels
  • lcs007
    I think every good
  • lucfsir
    Nice location, very good
  • bborange
    Room good, but the service. the biggest advantage of this hotel is good location. facilities generally, particularly wireless network very well, I hope I have improved.
  • bluepopsicle
    Location is not too hard to find, but the internal conditions are better, Russia many people, lived on the same floor night. not 15 minutes from Beijing station.
  • frency_lin
    Room was old, but great. mark where towels are very old, but a wheat pillows on the bed, it's unique. 07 room, unable to see with today's standards. the bed was great, but room wood and water, haha ~
  • ariel_gao
    Very good, good.
  • rennre
    Very good, the price is very reasonable and service was satisfactory
  • dons007
    Hotel facilities to be good!
  • davidljy
    All right
  • ccbslsx
    General feeling, beautiful book online images, but it is not so it.
  • rolf123
    Good peripheral environment and convenience, Metro station very near, affordable room for improvement!
  • censen
    Spacious and comfortable
    Conveniently nearby. environment is quiet!
  • liu wavelet
    Close to the city center convenient recommended stay
  • aiwanyan
    Second ring road, hotel is located in the city near the Jian Guo men subway station, not far from the railway station, convenient, quiet, clean room.
  • bluedeep
    General Hotel
  • andy_1986
    Maximum of advantage is location, away from founding door Metro station is near, walk just several minutes, East II ring inside; founding door station is Metro Line 1 line (to Tiananmen) and Line 2 line (small link) of transfer station, 27th, Line 1 line stopped shipped maintenance, this can ride Line 2 line travel as not by effect; quite convenient! to airport can go Line 2 line transfer airport fast line. Taxi to hotel use only with the driver said 'China resources building' or 'Beijing Municipal People's Procuratorate' behind the driver willGot it. Services and health is so-so, but the price, not meant to be exhaustive. Associates book, the overall feeling and such unanimously.
  • sunfast
    Facilities and so on are really good
  • e00102485
    not bad
  • dna_consulting
    Good location, the environment is good, very convenient, cost-effective high
  • lawrencel
    From Jianguomen subway station and Beijing railway station which is very convenient, the door has a lot of small restaurants, eat a good meal you can also stroll walk to Tiananmen Square, room size good, facilities a bit too old.
  • xjyps2
    Location is good, the service is in place, obsolete facilities, price/performance
  • lu0327
    Good location, very convenient, is the facility some old ones.